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Cycling Training & Organised Rides

Haven’t cycled for a few years? Why not take part in some cycle training or an organised ride to boost your cycling skills before getting back on the saddle?

Free cycle training in Greenwich

Free one-to-one cycle training with fully qualified cycling instructors is available for any adult who lives, works or studies in Greenwich. Greenwich Council offers Bikeabliity courses, which is a cycle proficiency scheme designed to give cyclists the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Greenwich Council has 15 professionally qualified and nationally accredited cycling teachers and offers cycle training and bike loan at different venues in the Borough.

The training is offered to three levels:

  • Level 1 teaches the participant to control the bike;
  • Level 2 starts on the road;
  • Level 3 tackles harder conditions and potentially the commute to work/daily activity.

To book yourself a place on the FREE adult cycle training, contact the Cycling Training Coordinator at

Organised Rides

If you’re new to cycling, why not join in an organised cycle ride to improve your confidence. The cycling clubs run regular organised cycle rides of varying lengths in the Borough, some suitable for new beginners and others for more experienced cyclists. To find out more about organised cycle rides in Greenwich, click on the titles in pink below.

Limited Edition Cyclists
Limited Edition Cyclists are a newly established group which meet in Eltham every Saturday and Sunday morning. The Saturday group is for beginners who fancy giving cycling a go.

Greenwich Cyclists
Join the Greenwich Cyclists Group if you would like to go on organised rides and attend special events. They meet informally every first Wednesday of the month.

Young Lewisham and Greenwich Cyclists
This group arrange and lead several family and social cycle rides in the local area.